Welcome to Inside-Out Investing.

The corporate world is so…corporate. It’s run by men. Who run around in suits and ties and speak in an annoying corporate dialect. Of course, corporate lobbyists also control our country. But who owns public corporations? Stockholders. Some stockholders are giant corporations themselves, and some are just individuals like you and me.

Do you have to wear a suit to buy stocks? Um, no. I’m currently in my PJs and just bought a bunch of shares in companies. No plans to get dressed anytime soon.

Do you have to have tons of money to buy stocks? Not really. Can you get your hands on $500 that you can devote to investing? Then you can buy stocks.

Do you have to have a stockbroker and a financial advisor and read boring jargon everyday? Nope. You need a smartphone or a computer. Then you can do it all by yourself.

Whether you are just thinking about trying it out, or already a seasoned investor, feel free to come along with me as I discuss investing from a woman’s perspective. I’ll be posting my own thoughts, based on my own research and strangely-ordered mind. I’d love to hear your unique perspective, answer questions, or discuss companies in a supportive environment with you.

While I do have an MBA and many years of investing experience, I am by no means an “authority” or certified in any way as a financial advisor. I’ve never worn a suit. We are all responsible for our own investing decisions. But I hope to demystify the world of stocks for some of you who (understandably) have been turned off by the “man’s world” aspect of it.

Women have some catching up to do in the financial sphere because of our country’s historical male supremacy. Example: women couldn’t get credit cards in their own name until the 1970s! No wonder most investors are men, and investment culture is so male-oriented.

In reality research proves women are better investors than men. No kidding. We are less emotional about money, less ego-centric and less likely to make rash decisions based on fear or “keeping up with the Joneses.”

We don’t need research to prove we are good, however. Most of us know we are as good as men if not better–at many, many things–but we haven’t had the opportunities ┬ámen have, and our confidence has been slammed at every turn.

Not here. So, let’s lose the jargon, be as female as we want to be, and take over the country one share at a time…

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